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thank you for your help
Feb 12 by Mohamad-Badr
Mohamad,  The Discontinued XBee S1 is NOT a zigbee module but an IEEE 802.15.4 module.

I am not aware of any Videos or tutorials for what you are wanting.  You may have to do some reading to figure it out.

Any of the modules listed https://www.digi.com/products/embedded-systems/digi-xbee/rf-modules/2-4-ghz-rf-modules/xbee3-zigbee-3 will work.
Feb 12 by mvut
hi, I forget to mention I have 2 XBee S1 and esp32 so I don't know if I can do that during these devices
Feb 12 by Mohamad-Badr
Thanks for your answer but I think my chip provides with a Zigbee antenna and it is put on the Arduino board.
anyway, if my module not working and I should bring a new one which one are you advising me and what are the steps to do that. I need a video or tutorial for that, please. thanks
Feb 12 by Mohamad-Badr

You need to look at the Python Library you are working with as there should be a function for
setting AT parameters in it.

The Source and destination End points will be in the Zigbbee Home Automation Profile. You may need to obtain a copy from the Zigbee Alliance to get the data you want.
Feb 12 by mvut

You are not going to get 250kbps for throughput. This is only the fixed RF data rate. After overhead of the Zigbee protocol, you are going to get about 30kbps.
Feb 12 by mvut
Mohamad,  The XBee S1 is an 802.15.4 product. It is not going to allow you to talk to a Zigbee Philips hue light. You need to use one of the Zigbee enabled modules for that.
Feb 12 by mvut
hello, i need some help please, I have XBee s1 and I want use it to control the Philips hue lights with or without esp32.
i know I should do that by using the transport key of the light, and XCTU software and XBee s1  by the API section inside the software so to do that how I can start or what is your advice to me.
Any links, tutorials,or videos will be useful.
Feb 12 by Mohamad-Badr
Hi mvut,
how can i increase data rate on xBee PRO S2C, i should get 250 kbps but i got  only 30 kbps
Aug 23, 2020 by HakanErsoy
Hi, Eric,
Can I ask you to take another look on this topic? Thanks.
May 2, 2020 by acpie360