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where can I download Dynamic C 10.42 or later

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I do not have a version newer than 9.52 and need 10.42 or later.
Also looking for a service to move a Dynamic C program from a BL2600 board to the BL4S200.
Urgent request for the service.
asked Oct 7 in Rabbit by PETEG New to the Community (1 point)

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Dynamic C 9.62A (latest for Rabbit 2000/3000) and 10.72E (latest for 4000/6000) available here:


You could contact Digi to see if they have any recommendations for someone to help with that migration.
answered Oct 7 by TomCollins Veteran of the Digi Community (2,222 points)
selected Oct 13 by TomCollins
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I have been working on Zworld and Rabbit (Digi) controllers since 1994. I would be interested in looking at your project to see if I can help.
answered Oct 9 by Claudef New to the Community (39 points)
I want to have my program installed from a BL2600
to a BL4S200. How much of a project will I be looking at.

Usually when moving to a different Digi (Rabbit) platform most of the code can remain unchanged. Most of the work involved is re-addressing the hardware calls, either by direct call or writing a function to match the code. Depending on the amount of I/O used in the original code the testing can get time consuming.
If you haven't already, please contact Claude directly at his email address of claudef at castlebarcontrols.com.  He's one of the most experienced Rabbit consultants out there.