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Controlling lights by XBee S1+ ESP32 without bridge

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I am working on my project of smart home automation system using XBee S1 and ESP01, I am facing a problem so I need your help to sort out it. I have home automation system for home safety and security as home’s security now a day is your first priority. I am looking for a way to manage LED lamps of Philip hue wirelessly, I would like to make this with ESP 32 and XBee S1. If someone did this project or someone has any suggestions regarding this kindly assist me. Related tutorials, diagrams , videos and links would be appreciated.
asked Sep 16, 2021 in RF Solutions and XBee by ZoyeBella New to the Community (0 points)
edited Nov 4, 2021 by ZoyeBella

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Zoye, the XBee S1 is NOT a Zigbee enabled device. It is an IEEE 802.15.4 device only. You need to be using the XBee S2C or XBee 3 products to connect to a Zigbee enabled Philip hue device over an RF connection.
answered Sep 16, 2021 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (14,874 points)