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Communicating between two XBees

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I am new to XBee modules, I have bought two of them and have also interfaced them with a computer, following this guide: XBee with Computer

But I am unable to communicate between the two. I have made one slave and the second one master, on this link the work fine but when I am sending characters its not getting received on the other end. Help me out.

asked Aug 3 in XBee3 Cellular by oliviasmithh900 New to the Community (2 points)
edited Aug 6 by oliviasmithh900

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1 Answer

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What is the part numbers and firmware versions of the XBee modules installed?

Have you checked Digi's web site for directions on how to use them?
answered Aug 4 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (14,807 points)