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Device Descriptor Request Failed: PIC18LF14k50 (mla 'CDC-serial emulator' example program)

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Dear all,

I'm having trouble with the CDC-serial emulator example program of MLA (version 2015-08-10).
I programmed it on a PIC18LF14K50, available on an own-made PCB.
Schematics URL:

When I connect the USB connector (after removing the programming connector) to the PC I get the error message that the USB device could not be recognized. Opening the device manager learns that the 'Device Descriptor Request Failed).
Error message:
Device manager:
What can be the problem? The PC runs Windows 8.1 Enterprise.

For another project about 2 years ago I also implemented a serial emulator starting from the MLA example software (don't know anymore which version). At that time it was working and I was using windows 7. But when I try to connect that device, which was working and didn't change any code, to the best spin bikes under $500 current computer with Windows 8.1, it is not working either. So I'm thinking this can be a Windows 8.1 problem, but how to solve it? Or is there another problem?

I already searched online for solutions but none of them have worked so far.

I hope someone can help me out.
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