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Is my XBee 3 dead?

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I was experimenting today with my XBee 3 module, I had it plugged into the Sparkfun explorer board and I relocated my breadboard power supply which also swapped over which was 3.3V and which was ground. I didn't realise till I turned on my power supply and nothing happened. I quickly turned it off off and switched the polarity so that 3.3V was going to the correct pin and GND was too.

I had XCTU on with another XBee connected as a controller, and initially it was picking up the XBee I had powered incorrectly and a third XBee. However the incorrectly powered XBee seems to be unfindable by either of the other XBees in API mode.

If I select the incorrectly powered XBee, click on the network button and then scan for other XBee radios I get the error message about can't find local Xbee, remove from list in the right and reinstall. I do this and still can't scan. However I can update settings, even change firmware on the XBee module. Just doesn't seem to want to transmit and receive.

Is it bricked?
asked Jan 8 in RF Solutions and XBee by RguStudent New to the Community (2 points)

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2 Answers

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From the sounds of it, yes, you will need to replace the module.
answered Jan 11 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (14,574 points)
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Well don't know what it was but now it is working and seeing other XBees and itself being seen. I reflashed the firmware.
answered Jan 12 by RguStudent New to the Community (2 points)