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Several XBee-units: Why does getParameter("DB") return the same value?

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I have 3 XBee devices (XBee 2SC + XBee Grove dv. bd.) placed at different locations in a room. One is connected to my computer and the others are connected to other computers.

I instantiate the local XBeeDevice as:
XBeeDevice xbee = new XBeeDevice(BD,PORT);
After performing a network scan the remote devices are placed in a list called devices:
List<RemoteXBeeDevice> devices

I try to read the different RSSI:s from the devices in the list:
byte rssi1[] = devices.get(0).getParameter("DB");

byte rssi2[] = devices.get(1).getParameter("DB");

System.out.println("Rssi 1: " + ByteUtils.byteArrayToInt(rssi1) + " rssi 2: " + ByteUtils.byteArrayToInt(rssi2));

Why is rssi1 and rssi2 the same? Isn't readDeviceInfo() and getParameter() supposed to update the values?

Thanks in advance! :)
asked Feb 26, 2019 in IEEE 802.15.4 by sixten New to the Community (0 points)

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