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XBee S2C sleep mode current consumption

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I have an interface between XBee and an MCU and XBee is configured in Pin Hibernate Mode - "Sleep Mode [1]".When I give Active Low signal (0V) to pin no.9 of XBee this signal wake up a XBee for some ms.

But during sleep mode the current consumption is 25mA and during on mode the current consumption is 36mA.

Is XCTU configuratin for Xbee is correct?
asked Jun 30, 2017 in IEEE 802.15.4 by Abhishek New to the Community (3 points)

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Does not sound like it. Try checking to make sure your unused DIO lines are set to output low and you disable any unused internal pull up resistors.
answered Jun 30, 2017 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (14,807 points)
For the lowest current consumption in pin awake mode
I have PR resistor enable value 0x1FBF and Direction 0x1FFF. Is this correct? Please help me
That basically enables all of the DIO lines and has the pull up enabled for all of them.
Please can you guide me the correct configuration for pin sleep mode[1] for lowest power consumption. I've not used any other DIO or ADCs. Making it 0x0000 stops pin awake. Please help
What function set and firmware version are you working with?
We are working with Xbee S2C (XB24C) module firmware version 405F
Try 0x2040 for the PR command.  That only enables bits 7 and 14.
I am attaching Configuration file
Please help
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <setting command="ID">33</setting>
      <setting command="SC">7FFF</setting>
      <setting command="SD">3</setting>
      <setting command="ZS">0</setting>
      <setting command="NJ">FF</setting>
      <setting command="NW">0</setting>
      <setting command="JV">0</setting>
      <setting command="JN">0</setting>
      <setting command="CE">0</setting>
      <setting command="DO">0</setting>
      <setting command="DC">0</setting>
      <setting command="DH">0</setting>
      <setting command="DL">0</setting>
      <setting command="NI">0x20</setting>
      <setting command="NH">1E</setting>
      <setting command="BH">0</setting>
      <setting command="AR">FF</setting>
      <setting command="DD">A0000</setting>
      <setting command="NT">3C</setting>
      <setting command="NO">0</setting>
      <setting command="CR">3</setting>
      <setting command="SE">E8</setting>
      <setting command="DE">E8</setting>
      <setting command="CI">11</setting>
      <setting command="TO">0</setting>
      <setting command="PL">4</setting>
      <setting command="PM">1</setting>
      <setting command="EE">0</setting>
      <setting command="EO">0</setting>
      <setting command="KY"></setting>
      <setting command="NK"></setting>
      <setting command="BD">3</setting>
      <setting command="NB">0</setting>
      <setting command="SB">0</setting>
      <setting command="RO">3</setting>
      <setting command="D7">4</setting>
      <setting command="D6">4</setting>
      <setting command="AP">1</setting>
      <setting command="AO">0</setting>
      <setting command="CT">64</setting>
      <setting command="GT">3E8</setting>
      <setting command="CC">2B</setting>
      <setting command="SP">20</setting>
      <setting command="SN">1</setting>
      <setting command="SM">1</setting>
      <setting command="ST">1388</setting>
      <setting command="SO">0</setting>
      <setting command="WH">0</setting>
      <setting command="PO">0</setting>
      <setting command="D0">4</setting>
      <setting command="D1">4</setting>
      <setting command="D2">4</setting>
      <setting command="D3">4</setting>
      <setting command="D4">4</setting>
      <setting command="D5">4</setting>
      <setting command="D8">1</setting>
      <setting command="D9">1</setting>
      <setting command="P0">1</setting>
      <setting command="P1">4</setting>
      <setting command="P2">4</setting>
      <setting command="P3">1</setting>
      <setting command="P4">1</setting>
      <setting command="PR">1FBF</setting>
      <setting command="PD">2040</setting>
      <setting command="LT">0</setting>
      <setting command="RP">28</setting>
      <setting command="IR">0</setting>
      <setting command="IC">0</setting>
      <setting command="V+">0</setting>
If PR is 0x2040 than what about PD? Making PR 2040 didn't make any difference it still takes 18mA (Which should be in uA) in sleep and 22mA awake
Try mounting the module in a breakout board and then connect just VCC and GND. Then measure the current and see what you get with these settings.

Also edit the PR so that only the desired pull ups are enabled. Such as DI and DO.