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How to configure Zigbee s2c as end device

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Previously, I am using X-CTU version to configure Zigbee module ‘S2’ as END Device or Router now I am using 6.3.0 version of X-CTU to configure Zigbee module ‘S2C’, but not able to configure as END Device / Router. i.e ‘function set’ is not getting changed to ‘END Device’ / Router.
asked Feb 21, 2017 in RF Solutions and XBee by anshumantech New to the Community (0 points)
recategorized Feb 22, 2017 by LeonidM

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S2C Does not have separate function sets for the different rolls. Its processor was big enough to put all the rolls into one firmware file.

So it comes as a router out of the box. To enable coordinator, set CE to 1. To set it as a sleeping end device, set SM to a value greater than 0.
answered Mar 3, 2017 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (14,715 points)