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Xbee Pro S3B - range issue

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I have been using a pair of Xbee PRO XSC 900 for 3+ years and found they worked very well for my application. Unfortunately, one of them was damaged, and needed to be replaced. Since the model I used was discontinued, I purchased the new S3B model as a drop-in replacement. I am able to get the new modules to communicate, but only at close range. Previously, I was getting a range of 2-5 miles - now with the S3B, I only get a range of about 100 yards. According to the literature published, I should be getting more range, not less. What am I doing wrong?
I've updated to the latest firmware, and adjusted my boards to remove the LEDs on the RSSI line. I'm not using sleep mode, and have the power setting to 4 (Highest). I'm using the exact same software and antenna - the only thing that has changed are the Xbee boards. Please advise.
asked Oct 10, 2016 in IEEE 802.15.4 by GregS1 New to the Community (1 point)
i am also facing range issue in XBEE S3B 900HP series modules(XBP9B-DMST-002) RPSMA version just work upto 400 meters and wired antenna modules work upto just round about 30 meters.
previously same modules were works up to 700~800 meters.

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Are you using the XSC code or the 900 HP code? Are you inter mixing the old XSC and the New XSC S3B hardware?
answered Oct 10, 2016 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (14,874 points)
Thanks for the clarification.  I am not mixing devices.  Both devices are the new S3B devices.
You could have a bad antenna.  Have you tried new antennas?
Thanks, that's a good suggestion.  I don't own any replacements, so I've just put in an order to buy more.  Hopefully that fixes the issue.  I'll report back after I've tested with the new antenna.
Just received a pair of new antennas and installed.  I did a quick drive around the block and they appear to have improved the range.  Still not sure if it's as good as it was before - more testing required.  Thanks for the great suggestion.
did the antenna fix the problem because I am having the same issue? Also, how did you do the range test? was there any line of sight between the two xbees? also were the antennas elevated?