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wva-j200 android sample app. on kitkat

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I can't get the andriod sample application to work properly on my android with kitkat 4.4.2 device.
It connects to the wva but than the connection is dropped by the device.
Possibly this has to do with the fact that this version of android doesn't support tls 1.2 encryption.

Can anyone tell me if this assumption is correct ?
asked Sep 14, 2016 in Other/Legacy by john1a34 New to the Community (5 points)

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1 Answer

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I found out that kitkat doesn't support tls 1.2 by default. Perhaps this can be activated in software also (?)
But for my convenience I tried the sample application on lollipop. Then i didn't have the disconnect from the device.
answered Sep 19, 2016 by john1a34 New to the Community (5 points)