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Finding out or reset root password via serial port

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Hi there,
I have some SNMP agent card that uses a DIGI Connect ME module. I don't know the model of it, but it has 14 pins and hasn't JTAG pins. I got a firmware (image.bin) file from the manufacturing factory and upgraded them via FTP. One of my cards wasn't upgrade and it's MAC address changed from 00:40:9D:3F:A9:C6 to 00:40:9D:00:00:00 and it doesn't work now. I connected the module to PC via serial port (9600,8,n,1) and I saw test below:

Press 1 to boot from image in FLASH
Press 2 to retrieve and store image via DHCP
Press 3 to retrieve and store image via TFTP
Press 4 to change the TFTP defaults

I chose number 4, then number 3 and store the image.bin file. Then I chose number 1, it wrote text below:

Copyright (c) 2005-2010, Makelsan, Inc.
The board will obtain IP configuration parameters from the network.
Serial channels will use a baud rate of 9600
This board's serial number is N99999999
This board's Ethernet MAC Address is 00:40:9D:3F:A9:C6
After board is reset, start-up code will wait 5 seconds
Default duplex setting for Ethernet connection: default
Press any key in 5 seconds to change these settings.
Press A to Accept the settings, or M to Modify?m
Enter the root password: ***** (it was admin)
Reset configuration to default values [N]?y (I select y)

After that I changed the settings to my own settings.
Now when I do this work again, the password does't work. I tried "password", "Netsilicon" and "dbps", but they didn't work.
I think the password changed to default password and I want to know that. Thanks
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