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ZigBee Mesh support for TI and Raspberry Pi

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I am working on a product that has TI microcontroller as the device nodes and Raspberry Pi as a controller.

1. Does ZigBee mesh support TI? (TM4C123GXL or TM4C129)?
2. Does ZigBee mesh support Raspberry Pi 2B?

I am new to Digi, where should I get started?
asked Apr 13, 2016 in RF Solutions and XBee by lilyhack New to the Community (4 points)
edited Apr 13, 2016 by lilyhack

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1 Answer

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Digi Mesh is a proprietary mesh network created by Dig. It is designed to run on Digi's XBee modules which do not use a TI chip set. But there are Raspberry Pi shields that you can use the Digi Xbee modules on which will allows you to use Digi's mesh capabilities.
answered Apr 13, 2016 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (14,874 points)
Sorry I made a mistake, not Digi Mesh but ZigBee Mesh. Does ZigBee Mesh from Digi support TI and RPI?
IF you are referring to if Digi's XBee ZB modules are capable of communicating with a TI Zigbee chip set, then the answer would be yes. Providing that you set the ZS parameter on the XBee accordingly and that your TI chip uses a Zigbee PRO certified stack and the Public profile.

As for the Raspberry Pi, there are 3rd party adapter boards and sample code available for communicating with the XBee modules.