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Problem installing kernel

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I have a devboard 9p9215 and I can correctly build a kernel, also I have the images of the kernel and rootfs in my tftp directory but when I try to install them nothing happens and the board boots with the default kernel. How could I fix this?

asked Feb 16, 2011 in Linux by jjvicente New to the Community (6 points)
recategorized Jun 17, 2013 by mcarver

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2 Answers

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Well.. In ESP if you say "install" ;- it only copies the images into /tftpboot folder.
you have to update the flash using uboot commands.
"update uboot tftp" :- will update the uboot
"update linux tftp" :- update the kernel
"update rootfs tftp" :- update the filesystem

Read Digi ESP -> Help -> Help Contents -> Digi ESP for Embedded Linux >8. Transferring the system to the target

Hope it helps
answered Feb 16, 2011 by bobthomas13 Seasoned Professional (182 points)
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Thanks a lot!!

but I think I missed something because trying to update the flash I erased it...:(
answered Feb 17, 2011 by jjvicente New to the Community (6 points)