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Newbe question...loaded sample, now what

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I am completely new with this product. I have the Jumpstart demo and have picked the Management Interface Sample to try and learn. When loading the sample I selected Obtain IP automatically (DHCP), and Auto IP. The project builds with no errors. The ME module is connected to the PC with a crossover cable. Then I launch the Debugger and 'Continue'. The J-Link window shows the debugger is connected to and the serial com window displays information.

So my question is...now what? I feel like I bought a new Porsche, can start it, but don't know how to drive.

Any help appreciated.

asked Oct 30, 2007 in NET+OS by garryp4 New to the Community (0 points)
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2 Answers

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I dont think your PC will assign an IP to your ME using DHCP unless you happen to be running a version of Windows Server.

The first thing I'd do is try to go to the web page at the IP address of the ME. The IP should show up in the serial console.
answered Nov 2, 2007 by turbo2ltr New to the Community (8 points)
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EDIT: had a bad null modem cable - problem solved!

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answered Feb 15, 2008 by MRWA New to the Community (5 points)