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ADDP sample application

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I use Digi Connect ME modules and I have Starter kit. Digi have ADDP finder example. It gives addp.h and addp.dll files. In example Digi use ADDPOpenByGuid function, but addp.dll file is not include same function. However I use ADDPOpen function. It seems a successful but ADDPStartSyncSearch and ADDPStartSyncSearchEx functions can't find any digi modules on network.
Maybe "Vendor_ID" parameter which is use in ADDPopen function makes problem.
Also I create new guid in program. It is written in "ReadMe.html" file.
asked Jan 2, 2009 in Plug N' Play by ficom New to the Community (3 points)
recategorized Dec 18, 2013 by tuxembb

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2 Answers

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Use this informations.
vendor_id = 1146506068; decimal.
GUID = {0xbf6db409, 0xc83d, 0x44a3, 0xa3,0x6d,0x21,0x79,0x7d,0x2f,0x73,0xf9};
answered Jan 5, 2009 by ficom New to the Community (3 points)
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After a lot of testing I figured out that if you use the addp.lib it doesn't work. Use a LoadLibrary on addp.dll.
answered Mar 2, 2010 by egawtry Veteran of the Digi Community (349 points)