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Wall for mvut

Hello mvut,

I am working with XBee S2C wire antenna device connected to the host controller and want to connect it with non-Digi manufactured zigbee device.

I have configured my device into Home Automation profile already as a router and put it into PAN ID where other devices are present.
Also, using XBee python library for communication purpose and acquainted with discovering the network, explicit API format for sending and receiving callbacks.

Here are some of my queries:
1.    How to really configure the device apart from settings in XCTU?
2.    There are 2 endpoints required as in to report 2 outputs to coordinator, but I am not able to find a way to configure endpoints on my XBee through python APIs or any other way. Can you please give me inputs? In that case, what values are applicable to Source and Destination endpoints fields in XCTU?
3.    I am able to discover devices (nodes) in the same pan id in XCTU -> Scan but the response while discovering the nodes from python code is intermittent – sometimes the devices are not discovered. Is there any reason for this?
4.    I can see the Tx and Rx messages being exchanged when port is closed in XCTU using explicit frames. But these messages are not received in my python code even though callback has been added to receive explicit frames. What could be the reason?

If you have any code examples, request you to share examples with me for connecting XBee with external devices.

Thank you very much.

Feb 24, 2020 by gsshewalkar
Good job, keep on it
Sep 17, 2019 by amatelulargmailcom

Did you change the firmware to the 802.15.4 versions or did you leave it at the default Zigbee version?

For the 802.15.4 you should be able to put it in default configuration and open two consoles. Then what you type in one should show up in the other.
Nov 20, 2018 by mvut
Hallo Mvut,

I have recently bought a Xbee Zigbee mesh kit for my project.I need to use this in Point to Multipoint network (802.15.4 mode).

I have updated the firmware and followed this guide to configure the remote devices by changing the ID,NI,AP mode.


But i could not succeed establishing a connection between two Xbees. I have also tired changing one Xbee as Coordinator and other as End device / both as End device. But i got no progress.

Any answers or suggestions will be very much appreciated.
Nov 19, 2018 by chandru
Digi wr21 or the carrier verizon is blocking port 500  for ipsec tunnel  Question: How to connect an additional vpn router R1 to the transport wr21.     How to unlock port 500  (It's block i can't make a tunel).   R1---Transport WR21---/<->/---R2
Nov 10, 2018 by jportes
No, there is no ZDO command that allows you to know when an End device has woken up and sent a poll request to the parent router. It is the responsibility of both devices connected to the wireless link to send something letting the parent know that the device is awake or for the parent to send a request and wait for the response.
Apr 30, 2018 by mvut
Is it possible to detect the poll request frame of a sleepy end device? I'm making an application that uses the XBee S2C module to communicate with end devices from different manufacturers (philips hue, orvibo) and i need to detect when an end device has woken up so that i can send zcl/zdo frames to it (i want to do this to prevent the loss of data).
Thanks in advance for your response.
Mar 19, 2018 by Aravill
Check and see if your PuTTY software can view Hex data as that is how it will be sent.
Mar 13, 2018 by mvut
recently i made a project with xbee wifi, i already configured the xbee (adhoc) and i sucsessful to send the data between xbee and puTTY in this case the xbee connect to the pc via usb cable. and i want to connect the xbee to the pc via wifi (the xbee will connect to the power supply). but when i try to send a data which is i enabled the sampling mode and pin 01 (adc) and nothing happen, nothing receiver by the puTTY.
Do you know why?
thanks in advance.
Feb 16, 2018 by Hexa16

I want create a big network, please can you tell me what is the recommend config for this case?
Dec 22, 2017 by lvelez