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Would it be possible to utilize the "import MySqlDB" function ?
asked Oct 8, 2008 in Python by hydiehydie New to the Community (0 points)

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2 Answers

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The MySQLDB Python module requires mysql library code written in C to be present on the platform. That's currently not something that is provided on the device. Alternate, pure python implementations that communicated to the database server would be possible, but I'm unaware of any.

One way that this could be addressed would be to segment the application to communicate to a server proxy on a PC that could perform the database operations when requested by the gateway application.
answered Oct 9, 2008 by DigiGuy42 Community Contributor (102 points)
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you have an idea to solve this problem
answered Mar 29, 2013 by maro New to the Community (9 points)