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Module Configuration Changes not persisting after POR

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I am using RF module P/N XB3-24CDMUM(Digimesh) and for whatever reason, configuration change commands do not persist after POR whether made with XCTU or AT commands (via terminal emulation program). I make some changes, then WRITE (either ATWR or write button via XCTU). Disconnect and reconnect the module and it's back to default. I also have XB24 and XBee PRO 900 HP modules that maintain changes made after POR, just not this little XB3. Could there be a problem with this instance of module or something systemic I need to know?


Steve M.
asked Nov 15, 2021 in RF Solutions and XBee by smanganelli New to the Community (6 points)

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I have seen this problem _once_ on one of the XBee3 AT&T CAT-1 modems that was returned from the field. We use the XBee3 modem in the API Mode. For some reason this "failed" device went back to the default Transparent Mode.

I assume there must be an EEPROM or some sort of non-volatile memory chip in device. If this problem happens when you are using XCTU and the development board, I'd think it is likely your device is defective. Contact Digi tech support. If it is still under warranty, I believe you can get a replacement.
answered Nov 16, 2021 by acpie360 Community Contributor (78 points)
Thank You "acpie360". We'll try another module in the breadboard version of our device. I think I've already done enough bad things to this one that the warranty is void !

Steve M.