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PWM Implementation in a MESH

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My objective is to control the intensity of LEDs attached to 5 Xbee Nodes connected in a mesh.
I configured the IO Accordingly based on this tutorials from official digi site:
So that I can deploy standalone implementation. In this implementation 1 out of 5 Xbees will also have LDR connected across its ADC pins.

The project is like this. Imagine that 5 xbee nodes are placed on top of street lights on a straight road. All Node produces PWM output to control the brightness of an LED. The Third node which is in between these 5 nodes has an LDR sensor attached to it.

When I implement 2 node, 1 Xbee with LDR and another Xbee with LED, PWM is working fine with standalone implementation. But When I Implement Mesh along with the 3rd node which has to sense and actuate itself, All LEDs doesn't even react to LDR.

Why can't I Implement this MESH implementation using standalone xbee only.

asked 6 days ago in RF Solutions and XBee by naveenps New to the Community (6 points)

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2 Answers

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I was able to solve the problem. Thanks
answered 3 days ago by naveenps New to the Community (6 points)
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How are you controlling the PWM? Are you sending remote AT commands or something else?
answered 6 days ago by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (13,332 points)
Hi Eric,

Thank You for replying. I think I understood the configuration part wrong. Can you please explain how https://www.digi.com/resources/examples-guides/802-15-4-pwm-output-with-an-led implementation is working? Like as the potentiometer value changes, does the one xbee sent an AT command to other xbee to change its PWM duty cycle. Because when I Implemented with 2 Xbees attached to an ESP32 that runs the code, it was easy. But with only standalone, I dont understand how on the fly the duty cycle changes. I think if I understand that then I can do the mesh.

Again I thank you. I am a beginner, so please don't mind my beginner questions.

Thank You Eric