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How to recover from Frame Error in DigiMesh module

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Using XB9X-DM, XBee SX, firmware 9007 setup as a Router in API 1 mode. Router XBee controlled by MCU acting as a client that periodically polls three (Non-routing) end devices via TX Request frames 0x10. Works great - as long as all end devices are powered up.
With two of the devices offline and polling process marching on, the router/client XBee randomly sends a frame type 0xFE to the MCU. 0xFE frame has one data byte = 0x04.
1. What is frame type 0xFE? Not in XBee®/XBee-PRO SX v90001477 user manual.
2. How to recover?

Many bad things happen, random Legacy TX Status frames, ND does not work, XCTU cannot communicate remotely...
asked May 7 in DigiMesh Proprietary Mesh Networking by jrgert New to the Community (1 point)

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1 Answer

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Can you provide the entire frame you are seeing?
answered May 7 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (13,472 points)
7E 00 02 FE 04 FD
FE (Frame Error)
04 (Erroneous checksum on last frame)
OK.  Thanks.  I got the same when I typed it into the XBee API Frames Interpreter.
I have verified the frames sent are well formed.

Do you know how to flush the XBee TX buffer?
You can do an ATFR which is a software command to restart the module.