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I don't get connect from MicroPython Terminal.

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Hi. I use X-CTU, I connect to my Xbee2sc, when I try to use MicroPython Terminal, the serial parameters are fine, but I don't get connect.

I use putty to connect to the device, and it's ok, I type +++ , and get ok in terminal. I use XCTU Version: 6.3.14 ,Build ID: 20180508-1 from Linux. I update the device firmware XB24C for all Function set (802.15.4(2001), DigiMes(9000) TH and Zigbee Th Reg(4060) ).
Can you help me?
Sorry about my english.
asked Nov 5 in Python by focaazul New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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XBee S2C does not include MicroPython. The only products which support MicroPython at this time are XBee Cellular (Cat 1 Verizon, and 3G), XBee3 Cellular (Cat 1 AT&T, and LTE-M/NB-IoT) and XBee3 Zigbee.
answered Nov 5 by tckr Community Contributor (77 points)
Thakyou for your answer tckr, I am starting with Xbee, and I hoped more information from the oficial site.
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