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XBee3 Cellular Cat M1 - PPP isn't working

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I can't get this module to start PPP. I am using a serial link DIN/DOUT, in bypass mode.

This is on AT&T. I've got the APN and everything set up... the context is active and get an IP address.

From a search I determined I have to send AT&S0

I then try to initiate the PPP session with ATD*99***1#, I get the CONNECT 150000000, and then nothing. I can't even break back into command mode with "~+++", I have to use "+++" to get back to the XBEE3 firmware and reset the modem with "AT!R" to talk to it again.

Any ideas?
asked Oct 5 in XBee3 Cellular by blacdard New to the Community (0 points)

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