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How to port grpc helloworld(CPP) example on yocto

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Hey i am trying to port the helloworld, cpp based demo for [gRPC][1] on yocto pyro on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for target arm, . But i am getting the error.

**protoc -I ./ --grpc_out=. --plugin=protoc-gen-grpc=/home/admin/BUILD/tmp/sysroots-components/x86_64/grpc-native/usr/bin/grpc_cpp_plugin hello.proto**

**/home/admin/BUILD/tmp/sysroots-components/x86_64/grpc-native /usr/bin/grpc_cpp_plugin: error while loading shared libraries:libprotoc.so.15: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory**

**--grpc_out: protoc-gen-grpc: Plugin failed with status code 127.**

**Makefile:55: recipe for target 'hello.grpc.pb.cc' faile**

So can anyone suggest the steps to solve this error.

Please find the helloworld.bb file.

DESCRIPTION = "Hello world"
SECTION = "Hello world"

S = "${COREBASE}/../../../src_dir/hello"
B = "${S}"

inherit externalsrc
EXTERNALSRC_pn-hello = "${S}"
EXTERNALSRC_BUILD_pn-hello = "${B}"

DEPENDS = "grpc-native protobuf-native protobuf-c gflags c-ares protobuf-c-native openssl"

PR = "r1"



do_compile() {

FILES_${PN} = "/*"

Please find the makefile for it.

CXX = arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-g++ -march=armv7-a -mfpu=neon -mfloat-abi=hard -mcpu=cortex-a8 -Wl,-O1 -Wl,--hash-style=gnu -Wl,--as-needed --sysroot=/home/admin/BUILD/tmp/work/cortexa8hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/hello-demo/0.1.0-r1/recipe-sysroot

CXXFLAGS += -std=c++11
ifeq ($(SYSTEM),Darwin)
LDFLAGS += -L/usr/local/lib `pkg-config --libs protobuf grpc++ grpc`\
LDFLAGS += -L/home/admin/BUILD/tmp/work/cortexa8hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/hello-demo/0.1.0-r1/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib -Wl,--no-as-needed -lgrpc++_reflection -Wl,--as-needed\

PROTOC = protoc
GRPC_CPP_PLUGIN = grpc_cpp_plugin
GRPC_CPP_PLUGIN_PATH ?= /home/admin/BUILD/tmp/sysroots-components/x86_64/grpc-native/usr/bin/grpc_cpp_plugin


vpath %.proto $(PROTOS_PATH)

all: hello_client hello_server

hello_client: hello.pb.o hello.grpc.pb.o hello-client.o
$(CXX) $^ $(LDFLAGS) -o $@

hello_server: hello.pb.o hello.grpc.pb.o hello-server.o
$(CXX) $^ $(LDFLAGS) -o $@

.PRECIOUS: %.grpc.pb.cc
%.grpc.pb.cc: %.proto
$(PROTOC) -I $(PROTOS_PATH) --grpc_out=. --plugin=protoc-gen- grpc=$(GRPC_CPP_PLUGIN_PATH) $<

.PRECIOUS: %.pb.cc
%.pb.cc: %.proto
$(PROTOC) -I $(PROTOS_PATH) --cpp_out=. $<

rm -f *.o *.pb.cc *.pb.h hello_client hello_server


[1]: https://github.com/grpc/grpc/tree/master/examples/cpp/helloworld
asked Apr 25, 2018 in Linux by jay_94 New to the Community (0 points)
recategorized Apr 27, 2018 by rmaroun

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1 Answer

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Before adding it to Yocto build try building it using DEY SDK from the command line or using Eclipse. Does that work?
you probably missing a grpc layer
answered Apr 28, 2018 by LeonidM Veteran of the Digi Community (3,622 points)