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Force the end device connect to one of the router.

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Is there anyway to connect the end-device not to the coordinator directly but one of the routers?
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asked Apr 27, 2016 in RF Solutions and XBee by fuyacho New to the Community (2 points)

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Sure, set the NJ value on the Coordinator to 0 and leave it on the router you want the end device to join with to FF.
answered Apr 27, 2016 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (13,094 points)
Depending on your sleep cycle, I am not sure you will be able to send that many commands that fast. But you will be able to cover 100 end node with one coordinator and 10 routers.
hi, I have a question. I tried to connect 1 end device + 1 router + 1 coordinator. I typed the router SH, SL in end device DH, DL. And then, i also typed the coordinator SH, SL in router DH, DL(i typed all same ID, SC). When i tried to test the connection in the XCTU software, it works well each other. But trying to whole xbee then router->coordinator connection is not working well.
That's because the DL and DH addresses indicate who you want the data to come out the UART of.  If you want to send data from Node A to Node C via Node B, then simply set node C's SL and SH in Node A's DL and DH.  Node A will figure out how to get the data their all on its own.
Thank you for your answer.
First 3 devices are in same ID, SC. And then typed end device DH, DL the coordinator SH, SL.
Q1. And should i typed router DH, DL(coordinator SH, SL) also?

After that Power off the End device -> Connect the router and coordinator -> set NJ to 0 on the Coordinator leaving NJ to FF on the router -> power on the end device.

Q2. Should I discover the remote devices?
Q3. How can I know that the end device join the network?
Q1, no you do not need to.  The DL and DH commands control where data being sent into the XBee modules UART or any enabled ADC or Digital Inputs goes to.

Q2/3, If you do not know its address, then you can do a discovery. But if you use the JN command and API mode on the Coordinator, you will get a packet telling you the Nodes 64 bit address when it joins the network.