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Socket for SMD XBee?

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My current project calls for the programmable XBee (XBP24CZ7UISB003N). We have a requirement that the unit be removable/replaceable in the field. However, I cannot find any means of "socketing" the 37 pin surface mount variant of the XBees.

The XBIB-U-SS development board has spring loaded contacts to allow removal/replacement of the XBee. The connectors are designated P12-14. These are not ideal for production because they require custom modification of the PCB and because Digi, who holds patent rights on the contacts, does not offer them commercially.

Does anyone have a connector solution for receiving the 37 pin XBee modules?
asked Mar 22, 2016 in Interface/Development Boards by LordDimwitFlathead New to the Community (13 points)

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OK. I have been pretty unhappy with Digi's assistance on this, having talked to a representative twice and gotten no part number.

However, I have finally located what I think is the correct part number for the SMD header that is on the XBIB. Digi's PN is 76002056. Digikey's PN (at this writing) is 602-1644-ND.

Mind you, I do not consider this a solution for anything but development boards and only that because I can't find anything else. The 76002056 part(s) is too expensive, takes up a huge amount of PCB real estate, requires custom milling of the PCB to accommodate it, and prohibits any traces under it on either side of the PCB.
answered Sep 27, 2016 by LordDimwitFlathead New to the Community (13 points)
selected Sep 27, 2016 by LordDimwitFlathead
The module you are using is this one https://www.digi.com/products/models/xbp24cz7uisb003

I would suggest using the through hole variant which might be a little more suitable for plugging and unplugging.  Here is the equivalent in a through hole: https://www.digi.com/products/models/xbp24cz7uitb003

This connector is pretty standard and cheap.  The only real cost to your project would be the height.

What is the requirement for this to be the surface mount variant?
Actually we are using the xp24cz7uisB003.  This is the programmable, lower power, SMD unit with an external antennae.  We did our initial validation using the through-hole units and you are right - much easier to work with in the lab.  But we are now developing the products code and need the additional I/O lines that come on the SMD versions for the design.  My obvious frustration bubbled over after I "bricked" my third XBee yesterday morning but that will be another post...
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As far as I am aware you can order the headers from Digi. Talk to your RF account manager. They can help you order them.
answered Mar 22, 2016 by mvut Veteran of the Digi Community (14,071 points)
I did call Digi.  They could not tell me how to order them.

And I was hoping for a better solution than the Digi connectors.  They use custom drilling which my board fabricator cannot do.
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I got the same issue. This model seems to be the only one available. Any idea on the size of it? I didn't find any datasheet...
answered Oct 26, 2016 by thiagovalentin New to the Community (1 point)
You have my sympathies. The 76002056 is the only thing I have found.  Check out http://knowledge.digi.com/articles/Knowledge_Base_Article/What-type-of-header-is-used-on-the-XBIB-U-SS-interface-board

There is a link at the bottom of the article to a PDF with the socket layout.  Some advice: convert units to metric and use 2mm centers.