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Poor signal solutions

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I have a couple of Edge10 devices in poor (AT&T) signal areas. Has anyone come up with some solutions for a reliable connection? The current problem device seems to be bouncing around cell sites. The new firmware has the ability to lock the device on a particular band, but how do I know which band is the best? Dual band Yagis antennas are expensive and of lower gain than single band. Is there a way to lock the device on a particular cell ID?
asked Jul 20, 2008 in Digi Connect Cellular by tnichols New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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There is no way to lock to a specific tower or cell ID. Your best choice is to use a better antenna, especially a Yagi, which I know you don't want; but that really is the best choice. Else, an amplifier can also help. See www.wpsantennas.com for a good selection amps and antennas.
answered Aug 28, 2008 by billw1 Community Contributor (56 points)