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VPN Nat Traversal

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Is it possible to setup a VPN with the Digi Connectport VPN box to a VPN server when the SIM card you have only gives you a private IP which is NATted?

I have managed to get the VPN tunnel working if I have a 3G card in teh laptop and create the VPN tunnel from there. But I can't find a config that works from teh Digi Connectport.

The VPN server is a Vigor 2600.

Any ideas?
asked Mar 6, 2007 in Digi Connect Cellular by relmes New to the Community (0 points)

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2 Answers

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I am not sure if this is exactly your problem.
I have been hitting the brick wall whenever I tried to setup a VPN tunnel when the IP address of my (remote) mobile device is a Private IP address and not a Public IP address. My network service provider can only provide Private IP address in their GPRS network and their Gateway to the real Internet does not support VPN pass-through.
answered Aug 8, 2007 by LeeHockHin New to the Community (1 point)
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FYI - Digi's latest Connect/ConnectPort firmware now supports NAT-T which will help. Download is free on the Digi support site.
answered Aug 28, 2008 by billw1 Community Contributor (56 points)