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Configuring APN

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I am trying to configure my digi connect wan vpn modem but I'm unsure of the right Service Provider and Init Strings to use.

I reside in Trinidad and Tobago and use the EDGE data service provided by the service provider DIGICEL. I noticed that in the Service Provider menu in the Mobile configuration section has a drop menu with specific service providers listed. The custom provider option has fields i am not familiar with.

I have been provided the APN and SIM IP addresses fromt eh service provider.

Can anyone assist me?
asked Sep 30, 2008 in Digi Connect Cellular by ultralyss New to the Community (1 point)

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3 Answers

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With 'Custom Provider' selected, you to use the below Init String, replacing the 'isp.cingular' with the APN that was supplied by your carrier:

'' AT&C1 OK AT+CGDCONT=1,\042IP\042,\042isp.cingular\042 OK \c

Also, fill in any of the username and password information, including a SIM PIN number, if those values were given by your carrier. You should leave the Dial String alone. If using this Init String and filling in the values required by your carrier does not get you a cellular connection, you will want to open a support case with Tech Support, as there are way to many variables to troubleshoot over the Support Forum.
answered Sep 30, 2008 by zachh Community Contributor (107 points)
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I tried your recommendation but it did not work. This modem is unlike the configurations i'm accoustomed to in other modems and i've tried on countless occasions to contact digi with no success.
answered Sep 30, 2008 by ultralyss New to the Community (1 point)
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Sorry to hear you are still having issues. Please post this as a support request to http://www.digi.com/support/eservice/. Please include the procedures you normally use with the EDGE modems you have previously used.
answered Oct 9, 2008 by billw1 Community Contributor (56 points)