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How to debug a WR21 failing to send SMS's?

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For some reason none of our WR21 manages to send SMS's. My first gues was a issue with our provider but putting the sim in a regular smartphone allowed it to send SMS.
The WR21 can receive SMS (seen in event log) but can't reply. Any way of knowing more about the issue then 'SMS failed to send'? (which is shown in the eventlog).

Trying to send an sms with the sendsms command doesn't work either.
asked Oct 14, 2014 in Digi TransPort by Michiel New to the Community (0 points)

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1 Answer

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Which actual WR21 do you have?
A WR21-L2 or WR21-L3 do not support SMS.

If you have something else then post your "config c show" removing your personal data.
answered Oct 14, 2014 by NicholasWilson Veteran of the Digi Community (1,003 points)
Same format as yours.
I'll try to get hold of a sim from a different operator, but since the sim works fine in a cellphone it shouldn't make a difference...?
The problem is that the area in which the modem will be used only has antennas from the operator of the current sim.
This is the point where you may need to turn to technical support.

Trying another carrier's SIM will allow you to narrow down where the fault is occurring.

From there you can at least know that the transport is working correctly but not in your specific configuration.

I would suggest firstly trying another carrier's SIM.
Then I would try another SIM from the same carrier but using a different platform such as their prepaid range:
Well i was writing a technical support ticket before i made this post...
But i needed to pay 90$ to be able to do so and i don't want to spend more money on it yet...
For the €20 it will cost for two SIMs (a prepaid on another carrier and a prepaid from KPN) to test that might be a good shot first.

If you bought the device from an Authorised Distributor you should be able to access their technical support who can escalate it and liaise with Digi on your behalf.

There is a method to virtually detach the com port from the cellular module, link it to Digi Realport software, connect to the module on your pc and then send commands directly to the internal cellular module completely away from the TransPort but that is not something we can go through on the forum.

Can you explain your use case of this device?  Is it just one device or will there be multiple and if so how many?
I'll send an email to the supplier.
The use case: Receivers for fish tracking tags are mounted on the ladder support of an offshore windmill. The modem is connected to said receiver through the RS485 connection. The scientist should be able to receive the data from the device through the cellular connection.
At the moment 4 receiver-modem pairs are going to be installed, this might increase in the future.